RYD Bodyboard – 37″ and 42″


This one is for the whole family. There simply is no safer and easier way to enjoy the waves (or introduce someone to wave riding) than on a bodyboard. All our bodyboards have a 5mm IXPE foam deck, a 4mm HDPE slick bottom and feature a 100% waterproof EPS core. The range also includes a Duo Board which has a more comfortable deck and extra handles to hold onto.

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IXPE| EVA top deck pad

RYD Softboards come with a soft IXPE or EVA full top deck pad. These pads have been designed with not just comfort in mind but also grip and safety.

Leash plug

Each RYD softboard comes standard with a leash plug, much like a fibreglass or epoxy board so that you can attached a leash to it and hit the waves in safety.

Action Camera Mount

We install a custom FCS compatible plug on all our softboards. This plug is compatible with all generations of fittings for GoPro cameras.

Double| Triple Stringer

Our True and Layback Softboards have double or triple stringers depending on the size of the board. 8 and 9 Foot boards have triple stringers to ensure strength and durability.

Close Cell EPS

We use high grade EPS foam core with all our boards. These cores are 100% closed cell which means that they have a high level of water repellent properties.

Easy Carry Handle

Our ergonomically designed handle makes it easier to carry your board to and from the water. With its grooved design, your hand will grip the board to allow minimal fatigue while getting to the water’s edge. Great for groms and those with shorter arms who cannot fit boards under their arms.


Be aware not to leave your gear baking in the sun for lengthy periods of time, whether direct or in a closed vehicle. The heat and UV rays will destroy everything over time. Your board (like your skin) will last longer and perform better with protection.


All RYD Soft Boards are gauranteed for 6 months against any defects in materials and workmanship. This does not include damage due to abuse or natural wear and tear. To make a claim, return product and sales reciept to the place of purchase.

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37 inch, 42 inch


Aqua / Coral, Deep Blue / Aqua


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