Northcore Wetsuit Hanger Strap


The Northcore wetsuit hanger strap is the ideal upgrade to any wetsuit hanger adding versatility and providing boundless creative options to secure your wetsuit hanger almost anywhere. The 25mm wide, heavy duty webbing strap is approx 550mm long with loops at both ends and comes with a 75mm long anodised aluminium carabiner with secure screw down sleeve.

The 20kg pull strain strap can be looped or wrapped to the required length and hung wherever you need either store or dry your wetsuit – a tree, vehicle wing mirror, from a Northcore “Hook Up” magnet, from your Northcore Slidehanger, shower curtain rail, clothes line… you get the idea.

  • Increase hanging option for wetsuits and much more
  • 550mm long x 25mm wide
  • Looped at both ends
  • 20kg pull strain
  • 75mm long anodised aluminium carabiner with screw down sleeve



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