Mayhem Trouble Shooter


The “TROUBLE SHOOTER” Is a solid wave board. Designed to take you in and out of dream waves. The board features a narrowish swallow, that still has enough area under the back foot to be surfed vertical, and a significant amount of tail rocker, which is “cut through” with 4-channels running off the tail. The swallow creates a long straightened tail outline which, when combined with the channels, and balanced by the curvy tail rocker, gives an incredible amount of projection and drive, without feeling stiff. The entry rocker is kept modest, for down the line projection and ease of paddling and catching waves in solid line ups. The concaves are kept shallow, which creates a relaxed rail rocker, and also negates volume…allowing the surfer to use more foam, and thus feel secure in crowded shifting and intimidating line ups. This board is recommended for overhead to double overhead waves and comes as a five fin option for those who love the high line, quad fin feeling, in long tubing waves.

How many fin boxes do you want?
  • Options Price: R0
  • Product Price: R7,900
  • Total: R0


5’10 18.50 2.25 25.75
5’11 18.50 2.25 26.10
6’0 18.63 2.32 27.45
6’1 18.63 2.32 27.90
6’2 18.75 2.38 29.00
6’3 18.75 2.38 29.40
6’4 19.00 2.50 31.40
6’6 19.25 2.56 32.55
6’8 19.25 2.63 35.30
6’10 19.50 2.63 36.65
7’0 19.50 2.63 37.70
7’2 19.50 2.66 39.00
7’4 19.75 2.75 42.00

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5.10ft, 5.11ft, 6.0ft, 6.1ft, 6.2ft, 6.3ft, 6.4ft, 6.6ft, 6.8ft, 6.10ft, 7.0ft, 7.2ft, 7.4ft


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