Mayhem Grocket


The pro’s choice version of the Rocket. Pulled in single wing, swallow tail (for tight radius control and precision) and a touch more nose rocker make this hybrid of the Rocket the choice for light, fast, snappy surfers. Gorkin, Ian Gentil, Ben Borgeouis, Asher Nolan, Andrew Doheny, Cory Lopez and Hobgood Bros all count the Grocket as one of their all time favorite boards. …Now available as the

“GROCKET BG”. Flatter deck, with full rails and straighter wider tail and nose outlines, give the Grocket “BG” added, built in momentum, and more stable and forgiving ride. This “Gentleman’s” version of the Grocket makes a great all-rounder for slightly older or more solidly built (fat?) surfers.

How many fin boxes do you want?
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  • Product Price: R7,900
  • Total: R0



5’4 18.50 2.13 (23.2l)

5’5 18.75 2.18 (24.5l)

5’6 19.00 2.18 (25.3l)

5’7 19.13 2.25 (26.7l)

5’8 19.25 2.25 (27.3l)

5’9 19.38 2.32 (28.8l)

5’10 19.50 2.38 (30.1l)

5’11 19.63 2.44 (31.5l)

6’0 20.00 2.50 (33.4l)

6’1 20.25 2.56 (35.3l)

6’2 20.50 2.63 (37.0l)

6’4 21.00 2.75 (40.8l)


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