Island Style SUP Coil 8mm Ankle


You’ve got waves to catch, not your SUP! Our leashes will make sure your SUP isn’t going anywhere!

– 8.0mm thick, super strong solid urethane cord for knee/calf
– Prevents your leash from dragging in the water
– Ensures you stay connected to your SUP

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Not all leashes are made the same!

Your leash could save your life, brah. You’re tired, taking a pounding and the rip current is dragging. Our leashes are made using superior components, that’s why surfboard manufacturing companies use our leashes! With rust-proof swivels, a super strong, solid urethane cord, and a high quality, comfy velcro strap your leash won’t snap.

IS Leash breakdown Web detailed
IS Leash breakdown Web detailed 2 STRENGTH FOR DAYS
Our leashes are made with a thick, solid urethane cord that allows for maximum bad-ass surfer moves and minimum separation from your board.
IS Leash breakdown Web detailed 3 CHECK YO’SELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YO’SELF
We’ve upped the anti by doubling up on the comfort and the safety with our double swivel leash. Leashes tangle (annoying) but also dangerous. Our tangle-free swivels are completed with a hydrologically moulded end as well as a brass swivel. Tangle free, bru.
IS Leash breakdown Web detailed 4 SAFETY FIRST
We’ve got quick-release ejector pull loop. When you’re under and up against the reef – do NOT panic.. With our leashes you’ll be able to detach your foot and come up for that all important oxygen.
IS Leash breakdown Web detailed 5 BUILT-IN-TAIL-SAVER STRING
Our nylon string is built for rough water conditions so that your leash is never separated from your board.  We’ve built in a tail-saver for convenient attachment of the leash and your board.


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