Island Style Front Foot Traction 4 PCE


Feels like a “Magic Carpet” under your foot

– 2.5mm thin
– saves a lot of wax
– 30% lighter and gets grippier when wet
– Peel ‘n Stick
– Super sticky P S adhesive

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Not all tractions are made the same!

Island Style traction is the grippiest grip on the market! Triple step profiled grippy aqua foam enables the surfer to slide their foot forward with a nice ridge to push against for rad manoeuvres ensuring your foot won’t slide forward.
Proud to say that our products are not made in China my china, made in Durban ek’se.

IS Grip breakdown blog detailed
IS Grips breakdown Web 2 HAPPIER IN WATER, BRU
Our tail kick is hydro dynamic. Salty water has nothing on the strength of our tail kick. At 30 mm steep,  dig your back foot in with confidence on those critical bottom turns and cut backs.
IS Grips breakdown Web 3 ARCH IT, BABY
8 mm of extra traction pad allows for more grip, more confidence out in the water, making our arched grips ideal for sick surfing shenanigans.
IS Grips breakdown Web 4 THREE TIMES THE CHARM
Having a triple-step cut traction pad heightens the friction between foot and board. Triple-cut, or profiled as we’ve called it, ensures your foot won’t slide forward.
Resistance to extreme conditions is key. We’ve ensured super-sticky-ness by applying a high quality 3M USA peel-and-stick for ease of application to your board.

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Aqua / Black, Black, Lime / Black, White / Black


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