Who is Huey? Huey is the God of swell! We praise him when the waves are cranking and beg for his forgiveness when it is flat.  Huey’s Surf Hub is a family owned business based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Huey’s was established to create a place where everyone from the most experienced/core surfer through to the kid just hoping to catch their first wave can find what they are after and not have to worry about dodgy sales tactics.

At Huey’s, we promise to always provide honest advice and if one of our competitors has a service/product that is more suited to you, then we will let you know. We’re not in this for the money — we believe that if you share your passion and conduct yourself with integrity, then success will find you.

With over 25 years of devotion to the ocean (sorry about that), we know what you need to get up and get riding, so take a look around and reach out if you need anything!